Who We Are

Barefoot Media Ministries Mission, Core Values, and Strategy: 


Barefoot Media Ministries exists to move people to experience God living inside them, stirring in them His passion to change the world.

Core Values:

Barefoot Media Ministries strives to live by these core values:

  1. We encounter God first, alone and together, and ask Him to lead our to-do lists.
  2. We tackle each project as God’s work, always with excellence, expecting miracles.
  3. We value each other as God does, supportively working, playing, risking, and growing together.
  4. We model God’s character both personally and professionally.
  5. We respect God’s finances, honoring the trust of those who give to His cause.
  6. We share our resources, time, and influence with other ministries and the world.


  1. Barefoot Media Ministries is first of all a radio station group. Its focus is not on building a network, but in building community based radio stations that are a part of the fabric of the community. These stations are supported by the Barefoot Media Ministries main studios, located in the Boise area.
  2. Barefoot Media Ministries is expanding into new areas. The first is an events ministry. This is separate from events that are developed for the radio station. These are financially self-sustainable events that reflect Barefoot Media Ministries mission and values.
  3. The next frontier is to develop products in the world of social/mobile/web media. This would be both audio product as well as potentially video/blog/app, based ministry.